• 10 Best Color Concepts for the Living Room

    The decor of your livingroom needs to be photo perfect. After all, it is your living room that will produce the first impression on your guests and offer an idea about your preference and personality. One of the most vital parts of the decor is the way the walls of your room are embellished. Remember that coloring the walls in the finest possible way of decorating your house. When it concerns coloring the walls you can always experiment and use your creative concepts to provide the walls a gorgeous and unique appearance.

    1. Nature inspired shades

    If you like to be close to nature, then take motivation from nature for coloring the walls. You can select colors just like sky blue or pastel tones of green if you like greenery. If the sun gives you the energy to do your finest then choose sunlight yellow color for the walls. Nature has lots of such charming colors in its closet.

    2. Same color various shades

    Go in for various shades of the exact same color for your living space. You could paint one wall with a darker color and the rest with lighter colors of the same color. Ensure that you make use of furniture which has a color which matches these various shades so that your living-room looks remarkable.

    3. Combination textures

    Another way of coloring the walls is using a mix and match of various textures. You can use a glossy texture on one wall also the surrounding walls can have matte color. Be very mindful while choosing the color because a gaudy shiny color will look garish and fancy.

    4. Mix it up thru wallpaper

    You can have wallpaper with a fragile style on one wall. The remainder of the walls can be coated with a color which complements the color of the wallpaper. For example, if you have wallpaper having awhite background and pink flower style, therefore, paint the walls with lighter tones of pink.

    5. White background

    If you have a fascination for white who looks pure and relaxing, then merely use white paint to all the walls. Utilize dark and strong colored furniture. You can also use paintings and dark colored wall hangings on a white backdrop.

    6. Go vibrant

    If you like being flashy and love vibrant colors, then you can use the exact same in your living-room. You can color the walls with vibrant colors like dark purple and set furniture of contrasting color. The combination of strong colors looks cool supplied you use the correct color combination.

    7. Black shade for space

    Yes, you read it! Black color can be used smartly in your living space. You may color walls in black and white. If the room has substantial windows, then you can paint all the walls black and paint the ceiling also the window frames with white color. This combination looks fantastic in those living spaces which have lots of natural light.

    8. Go conventional

    If you wish to go the traditional way, then go with neutral shades. You can go in for tones of brown and you can make used of accessories with suppressed shades. This gives a calming result as well as looks lovely. If you wish you can use devices which have an intense tone.

    9. The printed wall surfaces

    With the assistance of designer paint rollers, you can have printed wall. There are different patterns that you can have on your walls like flowers, stars and far more. Simply paint the walls with the color you desire and roll over the patterned paint roller to obtain the wanted print.

    10. 3 D walls

    Ready to invest more for decorating walls the distinct way? Then you must look at the concept of 3d walls. Now you can have beautiful trees and pictures of rivers and boats on your wall with the assistance of these 3d images.

    Cool and innovative color combinations along with making use of latest innovation can do wonders for your walls. Make use of these various concepts to color your walls and make them look superlative and incredible which everyone will not simply envy but will also want to duplicate.





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